French cuisine in Sydney

Enjoy classic, traditional French cuisine in Sydney

At La Guillotine French Restaurant/Bistro there is nothing we enjoy more sharing classic French cuisine with people of all ages in Sydney. Over the years we have been host to some amazing parties and special occasions and look forward to meeting you, no matter your occasion.

Entrees & omelettes

Les Omelettes

ORDINARY (2 eggs) $15
SPECIAL (3 eggs)  $17

LORRAINE - Ham, Cheese, Onion
SAVOYARDE - Cheese & Potato
LYONNAISE - Onion & Potato
BASQUE - Sausage & Tomato

NORMANDE - Asparagus
PROVENCALE - Eggplant, Zucchini, Tomato, capsicum & onion.


Soupe a l'oignon  la facon des halles. $16
Homemade traditional onion soup with croutons and melted cheese.

Pâté de campagne aux foie de poulet et lardons $18
Country style chicken liver and pork pate.

Crevettes marinées a l'ail et cuites dans un poelon d'huile $25
Prawn marinated in Garlic and cooked in a sizzling pot of oil.

La salade ceasar traditionnelle. $18
The traditional ceasar salad. Crispy cos lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese And bacon bits tossed in our own dressing.

Jambon cru au melon et au porto $22
Proscuito served with rockmelon and a splash of port wine.

Escargots cuits dans leurs coquilles avec un beurre a l'ail. ½ doz$16
Snails cooked in their shells with garlic and parsley butter  1 doz  $28

Crêpe au poulet at aux champignons $20
Crepe filled with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce



Extract taken from ' Eat up' in the Sydney Morning Herald. Written by Keith Austin

Hello, big boy

This old french Friend has been away, but now he's all grown up.

Joseph Bradaric the owner, has gone to great lengths to make sure the spirit of the original has been translated to the new place. Thus, the deep red theme has continued and, in the basement level especially, so have the dungeon-like arches.

A nice touch has been the addition of barred openings in the walls under the stairs,looking up onto Kent Street also providing reminders of the Bastille prison in Paris. Bars like these would have held many an aristocrat before their appointment with the Lady Guillotine.

The beef fillet was to my mind the piece de resistance of the night. How they get a lump of dead cow this thick so perfectly cooked on the outside and yet so pink and juicy on the inside is beyond me. When I try this at home I get charcoal.

La Guillotine has, indeed grown up - the new location is brash and sexy (love the balconies opening onto the street) and the food more mature, but done in a way that you can still see the boy in the man.


Les Plats

Tournedo Rossini servi sur un lit de pomme lyonnaises / $48
Beef fillet topped with a slice of Foie Gras, port wine sauce and sauté potatoes with onions

Chateaubriand béarnaise et pomme frites / $39
Char-grilled fillet of beef served with a shallot and tarragon sauce served with fries

Fillet de boeuf au poivre vert servi avec un gratin dauphinois / $38
Beef fillet with a green peppercorn sauce and a gratin of potatoes

Cotelettes d'agneau grilles aux herbes de provence, ratatoville et pomme purée / $38
Char-grilled lamb cutlets with herbs, ratatouille and mash potatoes

Magret de canard aux griottes confites au kirsh sur un gratin de pommes de terre / $45
Duck breast with a cherry and Kirsch sauce on a gratin of potatoes

Bouchee a la reine au poulet et aux champignons, pomme frites / $30
Chicken and mushrooms in a creamy sauce served in puff pastry and fries

Poisson du jours, accompagne de salade, pomme frites/ Market Price
Fish of the day served with seasonal salad and fries


MOULES ...Mussels all served with fries $28

Moules Provençal....ratatouille white wine and garlic

Moules a l’ail au persil et la creme....parsley garlic and cream

Moules mariniere a la charentaise ....onions whit wine and garlic

Les accompagnements

Gratin potato $8     Mashed Potato $8

Mixed salad $7      French fries $6      

Green Salad $5     French Baguette $3     

Garlic Bread $3.     Ratatouille $14


Classic French lemon tarte $17

Apple tarte served warm $17
Belgian Chocolate Tarte $18
Grand Marnier Crème Brulée $17
Crêpe Suzette $26

Fromage 18 per cheese
La Guillotine’s fine selection of French cheeses such as:
Delice de Bourgogne
Chevre cremeux D’Affinois
Papillon Roquefort


All our set menus for party bookings can be compiled to suit the customer and vegetarian alternatives are catered for.

For availability and pricing please send an e-mail.